Custom-made trunk cases

The trunk is a "rigid case" enhanced by a fabric, leather, imitation leather coating. Several options are available, feel free to contact us!

They are perfectly adapted to certain professional groups owing to their numerous storage units.

We recommend you these cases for the commercial presentation of:

  • Beauty products
  • Eyewear collections
  • Perfumery

We can integrate the presentation drawers and machined foam pads manufactured in small and large quantities at our factory in Valencia to fulfill your requests.

Examples of custom-made trunks

  • Cosmetic box

    Coffret cosmétique
  • Presentation custom-made trunks with drawers
    Marmotte de présentation avec tiroirs
  • Attached custom box

    Attaché case sur mesur
  • Foam machining for perfume presentation box
    Usinage mousse pour écrin de présentation parfum
  • Presentation custom-made trunks with drawers
    Marmotte à tiroirs pour présentation commerciaux
  • Sheathed suitcase

    Valise gainé
  • Suitcase perfumes

    Valise parfums
  • Interior design example
    Exemple d'aménagement intérieur
  • Finition

  • Visual maintenance stitching
    Piquage de maintient de visuels
  • Arrangement of lids

    Aménagement de couvercles
  • Presentation of perfume collection
    Présentation de collection de parfums
  • Suitcase of commercial

    Valise de commercial
  • Accordion presentation

    Présentation en accordéon
  • Custom box

    Ecrin sur mesure ouvert
  • Custom box

    Ecrin sur mesure

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