Sector of activity


The Company is presented in numerous sectors of industrial activity:

- Aviation industry

- Automotive industry

- Energy and Nuclear industry

- Petrochemical industry

- Arms industry

Whether it is the manufacturing of flight case, complete solutions of fully equipped watertight cases or manufacturing of covers.

We provide assistance guiding you from initial study to final completion of your project.

- Non-destructive testing and measuring equipment
- Laptops, computers and peripherals
- Industrial safety equipment
- Communication & telecommunication
- Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
- Night vision / Infrared camera
- Thermal image recording system
- Sample case
- Oxygen tank
- Water purification / Treatment kits
- Tool storage

Information technology

We are happy to support you with transport and protection solutions for:

- Central units and hard drives.

- Company's move.

- Mobile work station.

- Mobile class cases for education and training.

Exhibition and fair

We are present in the exhibition/fair sector:

- Conception and manufacture of flight cases for protection of Companies' stands

- Company exhibition services: delivery of material performance, models, audiovisual, visual materials, furniture, demo equipment and interactive kiosks.

- Audiovisual providers on the stands: Primarily flight cases for the sound, light, structures and audiovisual materials.

- Fair organizing companies: mobile offices, printer and laptop cases.


The big houses trust us:

- Jack Daniel's Operation in 2014

- Rollex: Flight case manufacture for branding department.

- Dior: Supply of trunks for POS - "J'Adore perfume".

- Richemont Group: Cartier - provision of HPRC case for shipment of rare parts.

- Louis Vuitton: collection department.

- Lido: Flight cases' costumes for the tours.

- Galeries Lafayette: Gygognes cases and various furniture for Rock'n Mode Operation in 2011.

Abylon Industrie luxe


Presentation case, trunks, commercial cases, showcase your products at the demonstration!

Abylon offers you all the range of solutions to speed up the integration of your products.

Audiovisual materials

The Abylon Company manufactures on a regular basis the packaging for the broadcasting companies, manufacturing companies, recording studios and audiovisual rental companies...

- Video recorder
- Tape player
- DAT recorder
- Hard disk recorder
- LCD projector
- Microphones
- Mini-disk recorder

- Mixer
- Overhead projector
- Sound equipment
- Handheld reader
- Demountable trays
- Hard disks
- Sequenceurs
- Signal processing equipment
- Spectrum analysers
- Video cassettes
- Recorders
- Video projectors
- Wireless systems

abylon flightcase pour audiovisuel


Being a safety specialist and a provider of different services to the State and to security companies, we participate in Eurostary and Milipol Exhibitions through our partners.

- Non-lethal weapons
- Assault rifles and against sniper fire
- Night vision equipment
- photography / Support of the crime scene
- Equipment
- Laptops
- Blood alcohol level sensor
- Protection revolvers / guns
- Radar detector
- First aid
- Search for evidence
- Ammunition
- Anti-riot equipment
- Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
- Video surveillance equipment

Abylon, secteur de la sécurité

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