Custom-made Flight Case

Are you looking for a flight case? Do you need to customize your flight case? Contact Abylon for all your custom-made flight case projects at +33 1 43 90 33 10. 

Abylon Industrie offers you customized services for the creation and arrangement of flight cases. Every project is carefully examined, manufactured and tested according to established specifications. These specifications allow us to best meet your needs concerning protection and transportation.

Manufacturer live

Our flight cases fabrications combine quality, lightness and sturdiness are manufactured at our factory in Valencia.

We carry out your case study implementing the modeling of the product answering your request in CAO / DAO. After your approval, the prototypes are mass-produced.

For each flight case variation, we can offer you:

Customization of your Flight Case:

Choose your materials:

  • Dark brown birch panel from Finland
  • Astraboard© panel / Compoplast for cases lightened up to 40%.
  • Recessed wheels and telescopic handle.
  • High load telescopic handles.
  • Aluminum double angle molding of interlocking 30×30.
  • High load handles.

and interior design:

  • Polyurethane foam (low density foam), polyethylene foam (high density foam)
  • Honeycombed foam (for arrangement of the lids and covers – so-called picot foam)
  • Demountable dividers
  • "Polycarbonate" wall interior design

that allows a real customization of your flycase!

The products we offer are assembled with the elements of the highest quality: recessed butterfly latches, recessed handles, angle molding of interlocking 30×30, hybrid rail, honeycombed panels, high load 100 diameter casters – we maintain a stock of flight cases to guarantee good quality follow-up.

Integration of machined foam

In addition to being manufacturer of custom-made flight cases, Abylon Industrie is also an expert in manufacturing convoluted machined foam to adjust the interior of your cases. More information hereici.

Flight Case standard

Abylon Industrie may also offer you standard flight cases, Valipro cases, Valisia cases and universal flight cases for flat screens

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