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You can find all ranges of professional watertight cases at Abylon Industrie - IP67 - STANAG - ATA300 - LIFETIME GUARANTEE - APPROVED BY NATO.Abylon offers you a customized service for each case.Contact us for a quote request.(*) PELITM is a registered brand ofPeli Products, S.L.U.

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    PELICASE is a range of professional high-quality watertight cases of PELI™ brand: exceptional manufacturing, water resistance to a depth of 10 meters. The cases are known for their use in extreme situations in very many sectors of activity: sport, IT, protection, safety, defence, military.The cases are made in synthetic resin, guaranteeing lightness and robustness.Abylon Industrie offers you the whole PELI range and its accessories. The cases are sold empty, with pre-cut foam or with removable divider kit.The PELI™ products have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Peli™ Storm case
    PELI STORM is a range of professional cases even more resistant than PELICASE range of PELI™ brand. It is manufactured with a special lighter HTX resin and a new exceptionally resistant "Press & Pull®" locking system.The PELI STORM cases are notably known for their extreme temperature resistance. Abylon Industrie offers you 25 models sold with or without pre-cut foam. The PELI STORM cases are used in many sectors of activity like IT, sport, safety or defense.The PELI™ products have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Destockage - Valise étanche Peli

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